Subway etching token booth.jpg
1. Token booth-Wall Street, IRT-Lexinton Ave .jpg
2. Token Booth, Wall Street, IRT-Lexington Ave.jpg
3. Man Entering Station, chambers and Centre Streets, BMT.jpg
4. Top of Escalator, Smith and 9th Streets, BMT-IND.jpg
5. Platform-14th Street, IRT-Lexingtton Avenue.jpg
6. Platform and Lights, Brooklyn Bridge and Worth Street, IRT-Lexington Ave..jpg
7. Man and Subway, Hoyt and Schermerhorn Streets, IND.jpg
8. Stairway and Escalators, Grand Central Station, IRT-Flushing Line.jpg
9. Windows and Girders, 9th Street and 4th Ave, IND.jpg
10. Subway Car in Sunlight, Beverley Road, BMT.jpg
11. Family Waiting for trai, -Beverley Road, BMT.jpg
12. Terminal, Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue, BMT-IND.jpg
13. Terminal, Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue, BMT-IND.jpg
14. Platform and Girders, 34th Street and 6th Ave, IND.jpg
15. Skylight and Stairwell, Beverley Road, BMT.jpg
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